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We are a growing team of rocket scientists and industry experts based in Australia.

George Coulloupas

Co founder

George is recognised as an up-and-coming satellite systems expert and academic at the University of New South Wales at the Australian Defence Force Academy. He is currently pursuing a doctorate in charged-particle interactions with spacecraft.

George is a space physics researcher at UNSW at the Australian Defence Force Academy and a systems engineer. He is a published machine-learning researcher with a specialty in design automation of high performance satellite imaging constellations and distilling natural knowledge from free-form and complex datasets. In his spare time, George is pursuing a doctorate in the interactions between spacecraft and the space environment by replicating the conditions of the ionosphere for ground-based experiments.

Angus Muffatti - Co-founder

Angus Muffatti

Co founder

Angus holds a Bachelor degree in Aerospace Engineering from RMIT University and has published several peer-reviewed papers on spacecraft propulsion and engineering design optimisation using machine learning. 

Angus is an experienced aerospace engineer and a published scientist with a specialty in rocket and satellite electric propulsion leveraging machine-learning for performance gain. He is experienced in delivering commercial R&D project outcomes as Head of Propulsion Design at rocket-firm Arcane Aerospace, as a thermal engineer at Airbus Defence & Space and recently as a prototyping engineer in novel stored-energy battery solutions.

Matthew Rozek

Full Stack Developer

Matthew has a background in aerospace engineering and is a published researcher specialising in satellite optimisation and data processing. He has conducted research with and developed precision simulation software for the Japanese Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) utilising fast GPU computing to perform super-parallelisation for lunar space mission designs. 

Matthew has 7 years of experience in full-stack software development and has most recently conducted commercial R&D using machine learning to detect visual changes in chemicals.


Arnold Dekker - Lead Adviser

Arnold Dekker

Lead advisor

Arnold is an Honorary Professor at ANU, a member of the Earth Observation Australia steering committee, and a remote sensing for aquatic ecosystem monitoring expert & trusted adviser. Arnold is the director of SatDek (Satellite Based Discovery of Environmental Knowledge) current research focuses on enhancing access to data for coastal waters detection monitoring and modelling.

In 1999, Dr Dekker came to Australia to join CSIRO. Arnold’s research expertise is in the area of developing applications of remote sensing from aircraft and from satellites to provide relevant environmental information on inland and coastal water ecosystems, including reservoirs, lakes, rivers, tidal lagoons, seagrasses, macro-algae, and coral reefs.
In order to achieve the above goals he has developed expertise in organisation and definition of airborne and satellite remote sensing projects.