Environmental Monitoring Tools to Safeguard our Future

Rapidly scale research or commercial solutions by tracking critical environmental indicators of any ecosystem with hyperspectral imaging.

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Connect with the environmental health of our planet using our high-precision satellite imagery and software tools.

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Democratising Access to Earth

“A rise in global temperatures, natural catastrophes, and species decline has closely followed the technological advancements of the human race.

The good news is that we’ve improved the overall quality and longevity of our lives in a range of ways. 

The bad news is that we are pushing our planet to its limits,  disrupting society and the health of our environment as we know it. 

Our mission is to provide decision-makers who can make a positive impact with earth imagery, data and robust environmental monitoring tools that are easy to access, use and communicate. Let’s solve some of mankind’s most pressing challenges together.”

George Coulloupas
CEO Aerospace Systems

Economical and Timely Data of the Planet

Monitor Impacts Of Climate Change

Tap into our vast library of remote sensing data imagery to map changes in ecosystems and species.

Understand Vegetation and Land Cover

Strategise with real-time facts on ways to improve sustainability in land management and natural resources.

Map Trends Overtime

Compare data over days or seasons to identify trends and better forecast the future.

Ensure environmental compliance

Measure the environmental impact of projects and ensure that regulations are followed and the environment respected.

Make sustainability a priority

Identify sources of pollution, monitor rehabilitation projects, and more. We give you the data and tools you need for a range of environmental use cases.

monitor change daily

Receive notifications when new data is available with straight to your email based on changes in resource levels or resource properties.

Our Satellite Imagery Applied to Your Industry

Environmental Monitoring Tools - Forestry Monitoring - Aerospace Systems


Accurately measure land use, land cover and vegetation to better manage land resources and factors contributing to deforestation and habitat loss.


Anticipate catastrophes before they happen and and track their occurrences over time. Assist in the response and rebuilding efforts. 

Environmental Monitoring Tools - Disaster Recovery - Aerospace Systems
Environmental Monitoring Tools - Resource Allocation - Aerospace Systems


Powerful analytical tools to create transparency in energy distribution, usage and management. 


Change detection algorithms providing remote asset monitoring to make sure you keep on-track and compliant while mitigating environmental impact.

Environmental Monitoring Tools - Mining - Aerospace Systems

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