Our satellites bring you data to solve real world problems.

But that’s just the start.

Our unique Value Stack puts Aerospace Systems’ dedicated team, robust technology, and industry-tailored applications at your service to solve the most pressing terrestrial challenges we face today. 

Let’s work smarter and start creating lasting value for your organisation and our planet. 


We are a team of aerospace engineers, developers, scientists and entrepreneurs who share the same goal:

To analyse every ecosystem, every day and make on-demand environmental awareness accessible & affordable to stakeholders everywhere.

We are building the next generation of remote sensing imaging services with the support of industry experts and Australian government innovation programs. 

Data Science

Data focused group with a deep background in applying data science and machine learning to solve hard technical problems in trajectory simulation, spacecraft propulsion and plasma physics.

Full Stack Development

From scientific & hardware accelerated computing, to machine learning, space and systems engineering. We also have several academic publications in these areas under our belts.

Commercial R&D

Several years of experience in commercial R&D and product development of hardware and software for spacecrafts

Positive Impact

We are very excited to bring our talents and unique product offering to market and see it have a positive impact on stakeholders and the environment.


We specialise in hyperspectral imaging and remote sensing applications

This means that we can use our space-based hyperspectral imagers to extract valuable information from any natural or man-made ecosystems. From forests and oceans to farms and energy grids.

The future of having a sustainable or competitive edge lies in further understanding the interaction between natural elements and human forces.

Geospatial imaging technologies enable these discoveries. Our services bring them to your fingertips.

Hyperspectral Imaging

We use space based hyperspectral imagers to extract information from the natural and man made ecosystems.

X-Band Downlink

Soon we will offer a high-speed satellite transceiver station in the Southern hemisphere to track LEO satellites operating on X-Band frequencies for high-speed large data volume transmission as well as commanding satellite and mission tasks.

Powerful Analytics

Our GPU-based analytics engine allows you to crunch data and run a range of powerful analytical computations in parallel. It's the fastest and most reliable way of processing large datasets to date.

Plasma Technologies

We employ evolutionary machine intelligence toward developing Electric Propulsion systems for miniaturised spacecraft form factors, like CubeSats, and to advance our understanding of space weather interactions.


We love technology, but it’s only a tool that should empower us to better solve real world problems. We have identified a number of those problems in various industries and have tailored our technology to solve them. 

This is the next generation of efficient problem-solving on a local and global scale.

Industry Specific Applications

We streamline our solutions to meet specific user needs in a way that is as easy to use and effective as possible. Precision agriculture, water quality monitoring and environmental monitoring are our main verticals.

Advanced User Insights

Employing state of the art AI and ML, we make data analysis a breeze. By automating pattern recognition and employing predictive models, you can spend less time searching for the source of your problem and more time figuring out ways to solve it.

Tested. Proven. Reliable.

Our methods for capturing, processing and delivering data are based on validated, highly predictive techniques used by leading government agencies and universities. We have commercialised these tools and processes to deliver ultra-accurate insights to the palm of your hand.


Do more with less. We enable you to maximise your resources and the resources of our planet by simplifying access to environmental data. 

With our all-in-one platform, you gain access to a vast library of readily available satellite imagery and tools that allow you to make better decisions and create value for you and just about every other living thing. 

Multiple Data Sources

Track variables like rainfall, sunlight, forest cover and water quality to create a holistic picture of the environment. Understand how different parts affect the whole and make future predictions based on past trends.

Direct value to stakeholders

Working with us means deploying our value stack to its full potential. Our talented team, cutting-edge technology and proven methods are at your service to address your challenge. And help you solve it.


We're your all-in-one remote sensing solution provider with readily available imagery, powerful analytics and intuitive user-interfaces. Time for lift off.