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Track crop performance with nDVI

Get notified before crop health becomes critical and take action with NDVI index measurements.

Enhance your first-hand experience

Augment your ground observations and know-how with our hyperspectral satellite imagery to make improvements on the go.

Produce more with less

Reduce fertiliser use, pollutants and the costs associated with them by identifying which crops need attention and which don’t.

Access records from anywhere

Monitor and store crop health, yield, weather patterns and more, locally or on the cloud. Safely and securely. 

analyse the impact of weather

Track weather patterns and their impact on your crops over days, weeks or years to better prepare for the future.

Optimise Your time on farm

Save time by checking the imagery before you go. View your entire farm from anywhere without the need to physically visit it. 

Our Satellite Imagery Applied to Your Industry


Analyse crop health, stress and performance. Receive proactive alerts when crops are in need of attention. 

agriculture monitoring - satellite applications
soil management - aerospace systems


Manage water and fertiliser resources more effectively to save time and money. Ensure your soil is rich and keep it that way for seasons to come. 


Benchmark your NDVI index against local or international performance indicators to see how your crops are performing. Take proactive measures to keep your crops healthy and land fertile.

NDVI Index - Precision Agriculture

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