Easy-To-Use Water Quality Monitoring Tools

Water is scarce. Data isn’t. Tap into our data-rich water quality monitoring tools and track water resources and the threats to them from space.

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Leverage Aerospace Systems’ ultra precise  satellite data to better inform and execute effective water quality monitoring strategies. 

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Ensuring our most precious resource Is managed Responsibly

Thanks to satellites...

Best-in-Class Water Quality Monitoring

Perform high-precision water quality testing and scan for a range of diverse variables. Compare with changes in temperature, rainfall and the environment over days or years.

predictive not reactive

Forecast trends in your water’s future and take preventive measures to ensure your water resources are secure.

Automate data collection

Specify your variables and intervals for relevant data gathering. Get notified when your data is online. 

Reach new sustainability benchmarks

Become an industry leader by demonstrating your commitment to reaching sustainability targets while using the most advanced technology to do so.

Track invasive species

Identify on a species level troublesome plants, animals or bacteria that may be impacting water resources.

Available anywhere

Easily share your data with colleagues or organisations to demonstrate your findings and enact change. 

Our Satellite Imagery Applied to Your Industry


Monitor water quality trends and forecast the quality of sea and inland waters using our hyperspectral satellite imagery. 

Water Quality Monitoring - Aerospace Systems
Water Quality Monitoring Tools - Marine life - Aerospace Systems


Tools for ecologists and conservationists to track marine life populations and the factors affecting their habitats.


Reliable and economical methods for studying the behaviour, population and well-being of plants and animals.

Water Quality Monitoring Tools - Wildlife Research - Aerospace Systems

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